Across the Light  (2014) 

The fascination of peering into the micro-structure of living organisms has always been a secret pleasure for scientists. Chuang, who takes advantage of her combined background in science and art, creates a delicate 3D animation that extols nature and reveals its allure to the viewer.  Through abstract 3D animations that use organic particle movements in tandem with penetrating lights and a magnified 3D perspective of 2D grids and gratings, Chuang presents a surreal visual journey that transports the viewer to a realm beyond the imagination.  


Director - Hui Chi Chuang

Animator - Hui Chi Chuang

Music - Cellar Dweller, Mert Kizilay, Mugeek

School of Visual Arts MFA Computer Art  © Hui Chi Chuang  Class of 2014



2016 - International Film Festival ZOOM, Jelenia Gora, Poland

2015 - Croydon International Film Festival, Croydon, UK

2015 - CineFest Global 2015, Texas, US

2015 - London International Animation Festival, London, UK

2015 - CutOut Fest, Querétaro, México

2015 - Grenada Afterglow Film Festival, Mississippi, USA

2015 - Roma Creative Contest, Rome, Italy

2015 - AnimaSyros International Animation festival (Agora) , Syros, Greece

2015 - Salt Lake International Film Festival, Salt Lake City, USA

2015 - International Kansk Video Festival, Kansk, Russia

2015 - The Access Code Film Festival, Bangalore, India

2015 - Walthamstow International Film Festival, London, Walthamstow

2015 - inHOUSE Film Festival, London, UK

2015 - 10th Athens ANIMFEST, Athens, Greece

2014 - NYC ACM SIGGRAPH, MetroCAF 2014, New York, USA

2014 -  1st AnímA Award, Digital Art Center Taipai, Taiwan



2014Zero Boundaries — An Emerging Taiwanese Art/Design/Tech Exhibition, New York, USA

2014 - Yen exhibition, Songshan Cultural ans Creative Park, Taipei, Taiwan 

2014 - 1st AnímA Award, Taipei, Taiwan

2014 - ZERO :ONE SVA MFA Computer Art Exhibition, The Visual Arts Gallery, New York, USA